Events A Day of rugby on The Close

A Day of rugby on The Close

Event Date: Sunday 16 April 2023 @
End Date: Sunday 16 April 2023

Come and join us on Sunday 16th April 2023 for a day of rugby on the pitch where it all began, in support of the Atlas Foundation and the 1823 bursary.

Match start times and order may be subject to change

12:15 Lords & Commons v Rugby District Veterans

14:00 Ampthill 1881 Club v Rugby Club Dignois

15:45 England men’s Deaf v The Lambs


The day will be to raise awareness and funds for two fantastic charities:

The Atlas Foundation which exists to help deprived children work towards a better future through rugby communities. It is a launchpad for good and provides a platform that partners with local organisations that have a tangible impact on the daily lives of deprived young people.

Through health, education, and gender inclusion programmes and a large number of rugby initiatives, The Atlas Foundation provides safety, education, food, sport, guidance and community to thousands of children across five continents.

Founded & led by Rugby World Cup Champion Jason Leonard OBE, The Atlas Foundation’s work is led by the core rugby values of Integrity, Hard Work and Respect, and the Atlas Foundation is committed to getting practical help directly to those who need it. So far over £1 million has been raised, and over 50,000 children have been supported.

Rugby School’s 1823 bursary fund which is in honour of Webb Ellis who was a bursary student. The bursary will offer means-tested places at Rugby School for boys or girls who show significant promise and aptitude for sport and a commitment to Rugby Football, with up to 100% of fees and essential extras available.