Welcome from the Head Master

" If we have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Thomas Arnold."

Rugby’s greatest Head Master, Dr Thomas Arnold, knew that education is all about transforming lives. As he himself put it, ‘First, religious and moral principle;  second, gentlemanly conduct;  third, academic ability.’  Rugby has since sought to hold onto the conviction that education is much more than the sum of academic results:  it is about forming character.   

Members of the Rugby family flourish in a supportive and spiritually aware community, which challenges learners, develops resilience and encourages intellectual risk-taking.  Essential to all that we do is the fostering of academic excellence and the nurturing of individual talents:  igniting the spark which stimulates a committed search for meaning, enabling students to develop a lifelong love of learning, while achieving outstanding results.  Students are equipped with the tools to maximise their individual learning potential and reveal their own unique gifts. 

Dr Arnold believed in a humane wisdom and it is still a key aspect of what makes Rugby distinctive today.  I hope you will enjoy looking at the website, but it is no substitute for a visit.  We look forward to welcoming you to what is, undoubtedly, a remarkable and innovative institution that has every right to be seen as the leading co-educational boarding school in the country. 

Peter R.A. Green
Head Master