Welcome from the Executive Principal

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Neil Hampton, Executive Principal

Welcome from the Executive Principal

Responsiveness, intellectual agility, flexibility, rigour – these will be the potent weapons for our students as they enter their post-school world.

Rugby, probably more than any other school in the land, focusses on helping our students become ‘whole ‘ people – people who are multi-faceted in their interests, talents and ambitions. Here, we do not just say ‘ the whole person is the whole point’, we live it, every hour of every day.

As a full boarding school, with an impressive staff: pupil ratio, we aim for the outstanding, in breadth and in depth. For example, our students continue with their sport, music, drama throughout their exams because they love doing these things and it gives both balance and perspective.

This is a philosophy of education that we will now bring to a wider universe. We are creating an international group of schools in the image of Rugby UK. As Tatler Magazine rightly commented ‘ This popular campus-style school is fast becoming a leading global educator’.

Neil Hampton
Executive Principal, Rugby School Group

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