Students perform tremendously in cross country competition

latest news 22 April 2024

Students perform tremendously in cross country competition

On Saturday, February 3rd, our dedicated cross country teams participated in the highly anticipated home fixture held on the picturesque grounds of Bilton Grange. The challenging 4km course witnessed impressive displays of athleticism and teamwork, leaving a mark on the overall standings.

In a fiercely contested senior boys’ race, our team displayed unwavering determination, securing a commendable 2nd place overall. Notably, we celebrate the exceptional achievements of Douglas Davies and Peter Zhu, who demonstrated exemplary prowess by claiming the 1st and 2nd positions, respectively. Douglas Davies’s outstanding victory, clinching the race with a remarkable one-minute lead, truly stands as a testament to his extraordinary abilities at this competitive level.

The girls’ team also showcased their resilience, achieving an admirable 3rd place overall. In the girls’ race, Evalina Hills demonstrated her exceptional skills, securing an impressive 3rd place in a thrilling sprint finish, narrowly missing the top spot by mere seconds.

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