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A typical chorister week

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“Really excited other children are going to have the opportunities that I experienced”

– Naomi, Chorister at Rugby School

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What might a typical chorister week look like?

What might a typical chorister week look like?

Choristers can expect a morning rehearsal plus a service three or four afternoons each week according to a two week schedule. The youngest choristers will have lighter timetable and will build up to the full commitment in due course.
Services will happen in Rugby School Chapel and Bilton Grange Chapel with both sets of choristers singing in each chapel every week. Rugby School Chapel services will be sung alongside adult singers, whilst choristers will sing on their own at Bilton Grange.

The schedule for a typical two week period

Morning Rehearsals at Bilton Grange School Rugby School Chapel (Week A)


Rugby School Chapel (Week B)


Bilton Grange Chapel


Monday Girls and Boys Girls Girls Boys
Tuesday Girls and Boys Boys Boys Girls
Wednesday Girls and Boys
Thursday Girls and Boys B+G Seniors (Y6-8) B+G Seniors (Y6-8)  No service
Friday Girls and Boys Boys Girls  No service

The Choristers’ timetable is carefully planned to ensure there is plenty of time for academic study and prep as well as full access to the an extensive programme of co-curricular activities.

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