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I think it’s really, really exciting for all the young people who get to experience being a chorister – it is one of the best experiences you can ever have

– Philip, Chorister at Rugby School

Psalm 23

Becoming a chorister with us opens a world of opportunities within the realms of music and beyond.

Choristership offers the chance for children to learn significant and life-long skills beyond music-making. Life lessons in commitment, discipline, teamwork, motivation, and resilience create highly organised team players who bring these skills to everything that they do.

Thanks to the skills acquired at an early age, choristers tend to do well not just in music but in whatever career path they choose: medicine, politics, law, government, media, sports, business, finance, and more. Many also go on to provide the backbone of the UK’s finest adult choirs, and some become internationally renowned musicians.

Chorister programmes also provide parents the opportunity to celebrate the incredible musical achievements of their children. Aside from the obvious benefits of musical tuition, chorister parents frequently comment on the non-musical benefits of chorister life they observe including increased patience, kindness, and respect; self-discipline and organisation have a positive impact on their academic performance.

My background in choral music has meant everything to me. It’s a fantastic grounding in music but it’s a discipline as well. I think you learn gravitas as a chorister, there’s a great dignity to it. It brings you into contact with a colossal range of literature, it’s very good for your maths, it’s a grounding in performance. Any child who has been a chorister is destined to have an interesting and fulfilling life

– Alexander Armstrong, television and radio presenter, comedian, actor and singer (as quoted on the Choir Schools Association website)

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